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I have about 25 sites running on a single SiteGround account.

That includes this site which is running bbPress, a fairly resource intensive site, and it does not generate any sort of timeouts.

All of my sites use Cloudflare also.

I’v not finished yet, but I’ve autoupdated every one of my sites to Weaver V5.0.3.  Just found one site using an obsolete WordPress setting that is not supported in V5, and will release V5.0.4 to handle that problem, but I’m sure it is a very rare issue, and is a long holdover for the WP background color setting which is not supported by most themes these days.

There has to be some SiteGround issue, especially since reverting to 4.4.8 does not stop the problem. Other than using extra memory and needing a large value for passing settings values (I can’t remember the exact terminology at the moment, but it is well documented), there is nothing special about how Weaver would use resources.