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Ever since I updated the theme and plugin am having troubles on the SiteGround hosted site.

CPU Spikes

Pages taking forever to load

Timeout errors

Can’t even connect to ManageWP which is my backup/restore app.

I finally as a test disabled all plugins and reverted to the 2014 theme just to see what CPU spikes and timeout issues I was having. Then I slowly added each one back. As soon as I added the Weaver theme (5.0.3) and Weaver plugin (5.0.2.), the timeout errors began again and could no longer connect to ManageWP.

Reinstalling the theme causes errors again. I would like to revert back to 4.4.8 which I have as well as the theme plugin, which I don’t have.

Adding that this issue is only happening on the SiteGround site. I have other sites hosted elsewhere.