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@scrambler, I think I have it.  There were multiple problems going on.  The “Purge SG Cache” option in my WordPress dashboard was not clearing my Cloudflare cache, so I was not seeing changes properly. By staying logged into my Cloudflare dashboard and “purging everything” from there, I was able to get more accurate test results.  Enabling CSS minification does seem to be the cause of the problem.  Siteground’s exclude does not allow directories, as I stated above, but not only that, it gives you a limited list of what can be excluded, presumably what it thinks is enqueued.  So the only Weaver CSS it showed was /uploads/weaverx5-subthemes/style-weaverxt.css and I selected it for exclusion and purged caches and it seems to be working.  Could you please check on your side and make sure 1) you can see the arrows and 2) the CSS is correct no typo’s?  If so, I think we can mark this resolved!