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I finally managed to get my website back to normal (after a lot of work identifying the real problem). It was all due to my child theme not being updated with the the V5 code. When I compared the footer.php in my child theme to othe footer.php in Weaver Xtreme V5, I realised I had to delete the following piece of code in my child theme footer.php:

if ( weaverx_getopt_expand( ‘expand_site-ig-wrap’ ) ) {…

echo ” . “\n”;It had nothing to do with plugins needing to be changed or changing the 700px width (which I actually don’t know where came from. I too saw it in an error message in Developer Tools, but it doesn’t exist in my current CSS stylesheet – and after I have solved the issue it is not any longer to be found in the Developer Tolls…?!?) or anything of the kind. It was seemingly just a matter of updating the child theme as well. Its incredible that it happened to break so much on my website (5 plugins – buttons, font sizes, sticky menus, menu functionality, changed margins, div spacing and more)…

So – lessons learned from this – check if child theme needs to be updated too after an upgrade (at least after a major upgrade).