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I have done so, but it unfortunately it does not solve the problems.

My full-width headers are no longer full-width (logo, menu and top image). It is all ‘cut off’ on desktop. And in my browser it is all left-aligned.

Moreover, all my buttons (using the plugin MaxButtons) are broken – and I have A LOT of buttons on my pages. Also a lot of my custom CSS code has been disabled. I have custom headers on all my pages with custom classes enabled – they don’t work any longer.

On mobile I cannot activate the menu at all (I use the plugin Max Mega Menu) – and the pages seem to have ‘shrunk’ and moved down.

Right now it is a quite a disaster for my website. If there is no quick fix for this, can I roll back to the previous version of Weaver Xtreme? (and where to find it)?