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@weaver and @scrambler, I have updated all three of my websites to V5 and they all look fine, including the one with two sidebars, so thank you very much and this issue is resolved as far as I am concerned.  However, @weaver you may wish to check your v4 to v5 conversion, because:

“@jsternfe my bad I did not realize the background was on the wrapper.

Do the following instead.

  • Remove the 10% L/R padding on the wrapper
  • In the wrapper align option select center instead of alignfull
  • in the Wrapper “Theme Width” box type 10000 (Site wide spacing in the customizer)
  • Add your old 80% rule back.”

The wrapper align option was set to center in v4 before the upgrade to v5 and the conversion seems to have switched it to align full.  Not sure you want that…