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There is one problem with the way you have set the posts options.

You asked for 1st post to be one column, and others to be on two columns.

but you have WordPress set to show only one post per page, therefore on pages after the first page you see a single post in a half page column because these pages are set to show in two columns, but they only show a single post.

If you wanted the first page to be one post in a single column and other pages to be two posts in two columns, I don’t know a way to do that with the base options, may be @weaver will have a suggestion.

One thing that may work, would to use the weaver showposts plugin shortcode.

Using that you could try the following.

Create the home page using the default template.

Create two show post filters.

  • The first one set to show a single post in one column
  • The second one set to show all posts in two columns, but skip post number one

Then in the page content, add the first showpost shortcode, then add a “page break” block, then add the second shortcode