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I just noticed the link in the question was incorrect, I’m getting the right data from it.  Yes, I’m trying to incorporate a list of posts from my site into one of my android apps.  Right now I’m pulling down this info. “2021-12-09 12:18:51.153 15973-16021/com.arctexas E/ArcGetPosts: Response from url: [{“id”:113,”title”:{“rendered”:”New England\u2019s Small, Diverse Farms are a Boon for Shrubland Birds”}},{“id”:110,”title”:{“rendered”:”Cattle raisers oppose changes to Federal water regulation”}},{“id”:108,”title”:{“rendered”:”FCA board approves bookletter on governance of wholesale funding and related practices”}},{“id”:106,”title”:{“rendered”:”Texas cattle raisers fight to protect water rights in Texas Supreme Court briefing”}},{“id”:103,”title”:{“rendered”:”Episode 11 \u2013 Parlez-vous fran\u00e7ais?”}},{“id”:101,”title”:{“rendered”:”Episode 10 \u2013 Did Spanish Colonization have a chance?”}},{“id”:96,”title”:{“rendered”:”Episode 9 – The French make a try in Texas”}},{“id”:93,”title”:{“rendered”:”Episode 8- The Spanish Presidios and tensions begin rising between cultures”}},{“id”:90,”title”:{“rendered”:”Episode 7- The Spanish Missions”}},{“id”:87,”title”:{“rendered”:”Episode 6 \u2013 A clash of cultures between the Spanish and the local peoples”}}]”

I’ll keep putzing with it, trying to get away from using the Android Webview by using the WordPress API…it’s a challenge….