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Weaver II Theme Extras.  DELETE
Weaver Show Posts – Provides the Showpost shortcode that allows you to add post anywhere with a shortcode. If you are not using the shortcode and do not need the functionality you can delete, if you do, keep

Weaver Themes Shortcode compatibility. This is required if you converted from weaver II and did not manually change all the old shortcodes for the new ones used in Xtreme. If you did not do that, then it is required so that the Old weaver II shortcodes work in Xtreme. If you replaced the old weaver II shortcodes by the new ones, you can delete.

WeaverXtreme Plus – My current theme.  Xtreme is the THEME, Plus is a Plugin !
WeaverXtreme Theme Support – Additional stuff for Xtreme. YES, KEEP