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@Weaver and @Scrambler

I pass this along for your information only, as it may relate to your work on version 5 and I don’t want to start a new thread.

On my site https://www.hiskingdomprophecy.com/ I use your standard “Search” widget in my Primary Sidebar.

As far as I recall, I have not customized the Search Box, so it has a default 3D shadowed appearance with a text area slightly darker than the Sidebar background  and has remained unchanged since it was set up.

I also use the ‘Classic Widgets’ plugin to avoid widget blocks.

My default Admin browser is Firefox and it renders the Search Box correctly.

However, recently, I have noticed on phones that Search Box is always not rendering correctly, with most displaying a dark bold line around the search input textarea.

This did not concern me much, as I know that phones often display things differently.

However today, I checked and to my surprise, the Microsoft Edge, Opera, Brave and the  AVG Secure Browser were all displaying a dark/bold search input textarea border box.

After inspecting the Search Box, I found that it was all under: .search-form   style.weaverx.min.css:2 and since you are about to upgrade, I thought I’d just pass it along here for your information.

I am not looking for a fix in V4.

Regards and thanks,