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I tried Yoast, but settled for AIOSEO (All in One SEO) as it meets all our needs.

AIOSEO works 100% with Weaver Xtreme, giving all the Featured Image and Facebook OG & Twitter OG options we need.

I see from my source pages that social media OG only contains data, and no CSS. I guess they want to format their feeds to match their own brand identities.

However, with Facebook, different image sizes will change how they handle the feed display appearance.

I standardized @ 350×350, which gives a thumbnail and excerpt on Facebook. A larger size automatically gives a full image and no excerpt. It depends what you want the Facebook feed to look like.  Less than 350×350 the quality is often not so good.

Also FYI, Telegram uses the Twitter OG data. It looks as if smaller social media platforms use Facebook & Twitter data feeds rather than seeking their own OG codes.

Hope this helps.