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Solution for conflict with Weaver show/hide feature and Lightbox Plus? - Weaver II and Aspen Support Forum
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Solution for conflict with Weaver show/hide feature and Lightbox Plus?
  • There seems to be a conflict with the Weaver show/hide feature and the Lightbox Plus Plugin:

    I encountered the same issue as mentioned here:

    You can see here on my FAQ page that the show/hide won't stay closed by default:

    I double-checked the settings and all is correct.  When I de-activated Lightbox Plus, the Weaver show/hide feature worked fine.

    Just wondering if anyone has found a solution to this yet or if a fix was coming in a future version of Weaver?  Lightbox Plus is an excellent plugin and very useful.  Not sure why this would be happening as it makes no sense why it would affect the show/hide functionality.  Very bizarre!!!  Perhaps there is a way to isolate this feature of Weaver so other plugins don't affect it?

  • weaverweaver
    Administrator, Moderator
    This answer was Accepted.
    I don't have an immediate solutions for this.

    Weaver's Show/Hide is very simple JavaScript, triggered off a mouse click, and not a page load. The content should be hidden by default, so somehow or another, Lightbox is unhiding it, so I suspect some bug in its code. I've added this to my issue tracker, and will try to look at it when I get time, although it is not very high priroity since the combination of show./hide and lightbox plus must be a pretty small universe.
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