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Change Leave a Reply Status
  • Weaver Version - still using Weaver 2.2.9

    I have no problem upgrading.

    I want to change "Leave A Reply" to "Join the Discussion" in the comments area.  I checked the comments.php and functions.php files.  To no avail.

    I reviewed the previous discussions and the last entry regarding this issue was Feb. 2012.  

    Has there been any changes since then?  Is it possible to change this element of the theme?  Or not?  If so, how does one alter the working?
  • weaverweaver
    Administrator, Moderator
    This answer was Accepted.
    See Weaver II  1.3 Pro. That option was just added. It was very difficult to add , by the way - not a simple one or two line change to some theme files.

    And that option falls into the category - if you need this option, and don't want to waste a bunch of you own time getting it to work through fancy CSS or building a child-theme, then get the Pro version.

    The other option is to create custom translation files (see the internationalization FAQ) to translate to alternate "translations" from English to English.
  • Thanks
  • nvlnvl
    Hi, i have version 

    Weaver II Pro Options

    How do i get the next version? Can i update or something else?
    And if i have the right version, where can i find this option to translate the 'leave a reply' ?
    thank you.
  • scramblerscrambler
    Member, Moderator

    Latest version is 1.3.2

    If you have weaver II basic the update is done Via WordPress, but there is no such option.

    If you have pro, you need to download the zip file from your Pro account, then if you have installed Weaver II The Extra plugin ( http://weavertheme.com/download/ ) you can upgrade from the Save / restore tab (at the bottom)

    Thank you so much for always being one step a head of me.  I needed this and was scratching my head wondering how to do it.... and whaaa laaa  there it was.  This is by far the best investment I have ever made for my web-design business.  I thank you every time I use Weaver II Pro!!!
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